About us ?

The company, established in 1893 by Georges Fremersdorff, is specialized in all kind of lifting, handling and transport operations of industrial elements or voluminous or heavy equipments. At the time of its creation, it was the horse-drawn lorry which was frequently used.

The first motorized trucks arrived only much later, and this by Edgard Fremersdorff, the grandson of the founder, who exploited at best this new mode of transport, and allowed the company to make a big step forward, insuring the capacity and the speed of execution of contracts.

Today, the company is managed by the fourth generation, in the person of Fernand Fremersdorff who is helped by his son, Arnaud. Always concerned about the quality, they stay in permanent contact with the new technologies amid the market of heavy duty handling and transport. Trusting their experience and skills, they will gladly propose you the adequate solution, that you plan the partial or total movement of voluminous or heavy equipments, the dismantling or the implementation of a production line, or even the moving of a whole factory.

Our sectors

Fremersdorff & Fils is active at the national and international level in the following sectors:-

  • Beer, wine and spirits industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry
  • Graphic sector
  • Mechanical / electric engineering
  • Art sector
  • Etc